Our Services

At Bellwood & Harris it is our aim to provide you with a complete, comprehensive service when selling your home. It is our job to dynamically and proactively advertise your property and follow the chain of sale through to completion to ensure we can make what should be an exciting time as relaxing as possible.

It is our aim to provide you with a complete, comprehensive service when selling your home. It is our job to dynamically and proactively advertise your property and follow the chain of sale through to completion to ensure we can make – what should be – an exciting time as relaxing as possible.

Unlike so many other agents, we took the time to take a step back to understand what sellers want of their estate agent BEFORE designing our services. We therefore place talking to you – actually taking to you at the heart of our process and believe that no other team will work as hard or as smart to secure you a sale as our team.

So how can we help you?

What’s my home worth?

Usually the first question any seller has of any agent! We will take the time to get to know your property and then be able to offer you a professional and informed valuation that takes into account your own circumstances, what we believe the market will pay and your own price expectations.

We offer a free, no obligation valuation appointment at your property with one of our knowledgeable and experienced team. We will bring a friendly can-do attitude with us to highlight the best points of your property, we’ll listen to your needs and expectations of a sale and we will give you feedback about a realistic marketing price backed up with information on previous sales and local market activity – advising how much we can confidently achieve for your property sale and how fast ***

What next?

If you choose to work with us as your agents we will organise another visit to your property to talk through the marketing options and possibilities with you. We will ensure you have the necessary documents to advertise your property as well as safeguarding you with a simple, comprehensive sales agreement setting out exactly what you can expect of us. We do not limit your options when selling and are completely happy to operate as a sole or a joint agent as we have listened to you and know that you want to maximise your chances of a property sale for the best price in the best timescale with committed buyers.

We will then work to produce an exciting, attractive and engaging series of marketing materials to promote your property.

Over  82% (source : zoopla,2017) of buyers begin their property searches online and it offers a convenient way to engage an audience so ensuring your house stands out using language, photographs, references and other visual aids is important. However, many viewers also like the old fashioned feel of paper details and therefore we produce high quality sales particulars capable of being posted or offered to buyers on viewing.

We also utilise a mixture of other marketing techniques exploiting social media, local papers, radio advertising and indeed our own large eye catching windows on the way into town.

How much will it cost me?

We offer a sales fee of £595+VAT

We charge absolutely NO fees without a sale! Other agents will ask for withdrawal fees or indeed for enhanced advertising – which is rarely what it says it is! We offer a simple sales package that includes all your marketing and sales particulars which you can enhance with additional stand out features such as 3d floor plans or video tours – but our core philosophy is truly a no obligation, no-sale-no fee promise.

Even if we find a buyer but you can’t find a home – there is no fee and no cost

You can withdraw or change agents at any time without notice (although we obviously hope you don’t!) – there is still no fee and no cost

Looking at local agents in the area our services on a like for like basis are up to 30% cheaper than most!


Not only will we arrange viewings for you – we can give you help and advice on just how to present your property, how to welcome prospective buyers and make the most of your home as you show people around. We can organise open house viewings, we can even undertake viewings for you.

Offers and negotiation

One of the most overlooked but important qualities of an agent is to be able to negotiate on offers. It is a given fact that most property sales involve an offer from a prospective buyer. As a seller you want to achieve the best price for your property, but a good agent will be able to maximise your price expectations whilst not losing buyers. At Bellwood & Harris we take time to find out as much information about prospective buyers and gain a real insight into their needs and expectations, their individual circumstances and their view of the property market in general. The combined effect of gathering this information is to out us in a great position for understanding where we can push boundaries whilst still keeping the confidence of all parties. We can also informatively advise you on the strengths of competing offers or purchasers to achieve your desired outcome – be it a quick sale, or for example a sale to maximise your flexibility or timescale.

We will keep you updated at every stage with up to date market information so you can make an informed choice when offers are made. We can also work to negotiate specific requirements of either side such as limiting further viewings, expedited exchange and completion, and household contents.

What happens next – are you still with us?

After accepting an offer you and the purchaser should both instruct a solicitor to handle your sale and your possible purchase. We stay with you through this next step too! We can recommend experienced local solicitors with a track record of completing sales on time and with due diligence. Our recommended solicitors have great rates, they share our philosophy about putting you first and most importantly they have great relations with us to ensure we can keep up to date with them and in turn with you throughout the conveyancing process. We will ensure you receive regular updates and go through the notification of sale documents with you to ensure everything goes as you would want it to!

Exchange and Completion

Now comes the exciting part – but unfortunately the part so many people dread! Once the purchasers solicitor has a signed contract from the buyer, the relevant local authority searches, the mortgage offer and deposit monies they will be ready to exchange contracts! The first real step towards the sale of your home.

At this point we will be able to liaise with both sets of Solicitors and confirm a completion date. Exchange and completion commonly take place on the same day – but they can also be split depending upon the individual circumstances of the buyers and sellers.

Completion is when the purchasers mortgage company send the remainder of the funds to your solicitor and the sale is legally recorded.

We will be there even at this stage – hanging in with you and hopefully popping those champagne corks – or at least raising a small G&T!