Terms & Conditions


When a suitable property to rent has been found ALL persons aged eighteen or over intending to reside at the property will be required to complete an Application Form and will be named in the tenancy agreement. We will take up references on behalf of our client – the landlord – which may include a bank reference for which your bank may charge a nominal fee, a credit reference, and employers and/ or accountants reference and a landlord’s reference.
A payment to indicate your commitment to rent the property is required when you submit your application and is held against expenses and fees incurred as a result of processing your application. It will also ensure that no further viewings or applications are taken in respect of the property until a decision is reached regarding your application – subject to references. This payment is non-refundable should your application be unsuccessful or withdrawn whatever the circumstances. All or part of the application fee may be refunded where the landlord withdraws the property from the market after an application fee is received and will be determined on a case by case basis. Please note that payment of this fee or any other charges does not constitute a tenancy or offer of a tenancy but is an indication of your serious intent to proceed.If referencing is successful we will notify you in writing – please note that any verbal discussions are not a formal offer of tenancy – any offer will be made in WRITING ONLY.
Following successful referencing we will confirm with a move in date – this MUST be within 28 days of receipt of your application UNLESS OTHERWISE AGREED IN WRITING. Where there are tenants already in situ please note the terms below regarding the condition of the property on move in and please note that there may be circumstances beyond our control


Before any tenancy begins you will sign a tenancy agreement setting out the landlord and tenant’s obligations. A charge of £100.00 is made for the preparation of the original Agreement and a further £50 is due if the tenancy agreement becomes a statutory periodic tenancy. A £125.00 charge will be made to renew a tenancy Agreement with a new Agreement. Once the Tenancy Agreement has been executed by you and the landlord it is binding.
Should you wish to amend the tenancy in any way during the tenancy – for example to add or remove tenants named on the tenancy, you must inform us and subject to the landlord’s agreement (which might include the need to take up new references) we will prepare a new tenancy agreement. Our fee for this service will be £250 (inc VAT)


Before your tenancy commences you will be required to pay a security deposit or Bond which will be a minimum of one month’s rent. This deposit is held by us as Stakeholders or it may be passed to your landlord if they are registered with an approved deposit scheme under their own name. The bond will be appropriately registered and you will be issued with a certificate whether by ourselves if we are acting as Stakeholders or via your landlord if they register their own deposits.
The deposit is held against any damages or expenses arising during your tenancy and will not be released until after you vacate the property, a checkout report has been undertaken, all rents have been paid up to date and we have written confirmation of any costs for damages for both parties. No interest on a deposit can be payable to either party.


When you pay your security deposit or bond your landlord (or us if instructed on behalf of the landlord) must protect it using a Government authorised Tenancy Deposit Scheme. This is to ensure you get back the part of deposit owing to you following the tenancy when you are entitled to it and any disputes should be easier to resolve. We are registered with my|deposits and the Deposit Protection Service and will protect your deposit if instructed by your landlord in the scheme of their choice. You will receive a certificate within 30 days of paying the deposit giving you details of how and where your deposit is protected. The certificate and its supporting information gives details of the scheme of registration and what to do if there is a dispute at the end of the tenancy. Any claim for damages will likely be evidenced against your check in report or inventory and thus it is vital that you read and agree your inventory noting that if you do not explicitly sign an return the inventory / check-in document with any notes and changes etc the document issued at the outset of the tenancy will be taken as an accurate record of the condition of the property. Please note that there are minimum charges for contractors or works required as a result of checkout – please see your tenancy agreement


Once acceptable references have been received and approved, a date will be agreed for the commencement of your tenancy. It is essential that all monies are paid on the day of signature or in advance of signature. The deposit must be received by ourselves at least 48 hours prior to the day of signing so that we may register it appropriately. All funds payable on the day of signature must be in cash or by bank transfer or card. CHEQUES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.


An inventory and Schedule of Condition of the property, its content, fixtures, fittings and effects will normally have been prepared if instructed by your landlord. It is your responsibility to check and agree this at the outset of the tenancy. It is important that you take care in agreeing the Inventory and Schedule of Condition at this stage as it will form the basis of any claim for damages by ourselves or your landlord at the end of the your tenancy. At the end of the tenancy the Inventory and Schedule of Condition will be checked again. In your own interests we strongly recommend that you agree to and are present for both Check-in and Check-out.


All rents are payable in advance on the due date shown in your tenancy agreement by Standing Order, cash, cheque (with appropriate clearance time), bank transfer, credit card, debit card, bankers draft, building society cheque. Please ensure that you allow for clearance time for all means of payments. Late rental payments are charged at £25 (inc VAT) per late or missed payment. If you experience any financial problems during the course of the tenancy it is essential you contact us to discuss immediately.


You should be aware that responsibility for the property rests with the tenant during any tenancy. It is particularly important that any gas or electrical concerns or issues are reported immediately and that the property is fully secured when you leave it unattended at any time. Necessary steps should be taken to prevent condensation and adequately heat and ventilate the property to reduce the possibility of damp developing. Clothes must NOT be dried on radiators. During the winter months steps should be taken to ensure the freezing of water and heating systems. In leasehold properties, mainly flats, apartments and maisonettes, the tenant will be bound by the rules and regulations affecting all residents within the block or development as contained in the Head Lease.


Our obligations will vary depending on which of the following services we provide for your landlord:

  • Purely let the property
  • Let the property and accept the rent
  • Let and manage the property.

You will be advised which of the above applies to your tenancy prior to it commencing but should you require further details regarding a specific property please contact us


Property Visits: All managed properties will be subject to an initial inspection after one month residency followed by visits on a quarterly cycle unless otherwise agreed. The purpose of the visit is to check the condition of the property, its cleanliness, garden maintenance and the conduct of the tenancy generally. Where we hold agent keys tenants will be informed of our intention to visit and the date and time of the proposed inspection. We may be able to change this to a mutually convenient time within office hours if we are contacted in advance of the meeting. Where an inspection visit has been scheduled and we are not able to gain access because we do not hold keys or a tenant has missed an inspection which has been changed or agreed a £54 (inc VAT) missed appointment fee will apply

Pets: Should you wish to keep one or more pets in the property we will negotiate this directly with your landlord and include a specific clause in your tenancy agreement. A fee of £150 (inc VAT) will apply. If pets are allowed into the property you will be required to produce a receipt for carpet cleaning and deodorisation at the end of the tenancy as well as being liable for any damages caused by the pet residing at the property. The property and its grounds must be kept free from any excrement, hairs and dirt at all times. The pet licence is revokeable with immediate effect should the pet cause offence, nuisance or imminent damage to the property and / or its grounds.

Council Tax: It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay the Council Tax directly to the relevant authority

Utilities: It is the tenant’s responsibility to pay all utility bills direct to the relevant provider. Bellwood & Harris will inform

Insurance: The tenant is responsible for insuring his / her own personal effects and furnishings.

Burglary: Should the property be burgled during the tenancy you must inform the Police immediately

Post tenancy expenses: A minimum charge of £54 (inc VAT) will be levied for each contractor or office visit required to the property in respect of cleaning,, redecoration, work to rectify damages caused as a result of the tenancy

Contractor call outs: Please note that we operate an emergency call out system for out of hours emergencies. You will be asked to confirm that reasonable steps have been taken to preclude a contractor visit – call outs that are deemed unnecessary will be charged to the tenant – for example in circumstances where a contractor is called to a loss of power and the tenant has not attempted to reset the trip switches.

Agent: Bellwood & Harris is a trading name of Q M Holdings Ltd registered company number 9790234