Whether you are a first time landlord, an existing landlord with tenants in situ or an investor looking to build a property portfolio, being a landlord can be an exciting and financially rewarding experience. However along with the rewards there are also risks and responsibility too.

With the changing legal landscape regarding renting in England and Wales, residual uncertainty regarding the financial implications of being a landlord and an increasingly demanding pool of tenants we believe we can help you ensure your property remains a solid investment and revenue stream as well as making your experience as a landlord a positive one.

When you choose Bellwood & Harris as your letting agent you will likely discover a different kind of service and approach to other agents in and around the area. Why do we like to be different? Because so many agents in the town have become complacent and continue to see landlords as just a number or an income stream of their own. Our team work differently – we take the time to get to know you so we can finely tune any service we give to you to ensure you have the very best, hassle free experience as a landlord.

Our pro-active service and customer-friendly approach is one of the reasons we’re among Darlingtons successful agents.

The property market has changed so much recently – the increasing digital revolution and reliance upon online tools having the potential to make the whole rental business more sterile and removed from personal interaction – what with online applications, digital move ins and online reporting tools. Whilst embracing this change we never forget that we are, and indeed we believe the letting experience is a people business.

Our team is motivated to ensure that our customer experience is the best in the area and this means the best for you!